Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - M-Mnumber

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
m_dance         Henmations
m_dance_01|17.4| Dance Fast 17.4 8 Henmations
m_dance_02 Dance     8.6 Henmations
m_dance_03|18.6| Dance Fast 18.6 5.2 Henmations
m_dance_04 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_05 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_06 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_07 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_08 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_09|19| Dance   19   Henmations
m_dance_10|19| Dance   19   Henmations
m_dance_11 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_12|18.4| Dance Fast 18.4   Henmations
m_dance_13 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_14 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_15 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_16|18.6| Dance Fast 18.6   Henmations
m_dance_17|19| Dance   19   Henmations
m_dance_18|18| Dance   18   Henmations
m_dance_19 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_20 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_21 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_22 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_23 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_24 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_25 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_26 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_27|18.1| Dance Medium 18.1   Henmations
m_dance_28|18.7| Dance Medium 18.7   Henmations
m_dance_29 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_30|18.9| Dance Medium 18.9   Henmations
m_dance_31|22| Dance Medium 22   Henmations
m_dance_32|23| Dance Medium 23   Henmations
m_dance_40 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_41|24.1| Dance   24.1   Henmations
m_dance_42 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_43 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_44 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_45 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_46 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_47 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_48 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_49 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_50 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_51|22| Dance Medium 22   Henmations
m_dance_52 Dance     5.3 Henmations
m_dance_53|22.9| Dance Medium 22.9   Henmations
m_dance_54|25.4| Dance Medium 25.4   Henmations
m_dance_55 Dance     5.3 Henmations
m_dance_56|27.7| Dance Medium 27.7   Henmations
m_dance_57 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_58|22.4| Dance Medium 22.4   Henmations
m_dance_59|24.3| Dance Medium 24.3   Henmations
m_dance_60|23.3| Dance Medium 23.3   Henmations
m_dance_61|22.6| Dance Fast 22.6   Henmations
m_dance_62|21.4| Dance Medium 21.4   Henmations
m_dance_63|20.4| Dance Medium 20.4   Henmations
m_dance_64|25.4| Dance Medium 25.4   Henmations
m_dance_65|24.7| Dance Medium 24.7   Henmations
m_dance_66 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_67 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_68|23.4| Dance   23.4   Henmations
m_dance_69 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_70|24.4| Dance   24.4   Henmations
m_dance_71|23.3| Dance Medium 23.3   Henmations
m_dance_72|22.5| Dance   22.5   Henmations
m_dance_73 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_74|23.5| Dance   23.5   Henmations
m_dance_75 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_76 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_77|23.5| Dance Medium 23.5   Henmations
m_dance_78|23| Dance Medium 23   Henmations
m_dance_79 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_80 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_81 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_82 Dance       Henmations
m_dance_83 Dance       Henmations
m100_shuffle_4_29.700|29.70| Dance Fast 29.70   Henmations
m101_Cleveland_Shuffle_2_28.240|28.24| Dance Medium 28.24   Henmations
m106_Detroid_shuffle 1_29.783|29.78| Dance Medium 29.78   Henmations
m107_Detroid_shuffle0_29.783|29.78| Dance Medium 29.78   Henmations
m108_LMFAO_1_27.600|27.60| Dance Fast 27.60   Henmations
m109_LMFAO_3_21.667|21.67| Dance Fast 21.67   Henmations
m110_LMFAO_01B_29.799|29.80| Dance Fast 29.89   Henmations
m111_LMFAO_3B_21.667|21.67| Dance Fast 21.67   Henmations
m112_LMFAO_1C_29.200|29.20| Dance Fast 29.20   Henmations
m120_Detroid_Shuffle_2_26.800|26.80| Dance Medium 26.80   Henmations
m121_Detroid_Shuffle_3_26.640|26.64| Dance Medium 26.64   Henmations
m122_Cleveland_Shuffle_3 Dance Medium     Henmations
m124_Cleveland_Shuffle_1_29.600|29.60| Dance Medium 29.60   Henmations
m125_Cleveland_Shuffle_0_26.640|26.64| Dance Medium 26.64   Henmations
M15_Breakdance Dance Fast     Henmations
M16_Breakdance Dance Fast     Henmations
M17_Breakdance Dance Fast     Henmations
m97_shuffle_2_29.898|29.90| Dance Fast 29.90   Henmations
m98_shuffle_1_26.320|26.32| Dance Fast 26.32   Henmations
m99_shuffle_3_29.400|29.40| Dance Fast 29.40   Henmations

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