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Dance Details - H-HZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
hail cab         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Hail|12.7| Dance Medium 12.7   Abranimations
Haka_A         Angora Infinity (Avatar)
Haka_B         Angora Infinity (Avatar)
Hammertime|27.17| Dance   27.17   Ministry Of Motion
Hands Are Great|27| Dance Fast 27   Ministry Of Motion
Hands In The Air (transfer)23.08| Dance   23.08   Ministry Of Motion
Hands in The Air|23.08| Dance   23.08   Ministry Of Motion
Hands Jives         AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
hands up|14.8| Dance Medium 14.8   3FX Entertainment
handsome_stand_1         Extreme Animations
handsome_stand_2 Dance       Extreme Animations
handsome_stand_3         Extreme Animations
HandsOver         ORTHO VARGAS (Avatar)
handstand-backflip|8.9| Animation   8.9   CAILYN MILLER (Avatar)
HandsUp         ORTHO VARGAS (Avatar)
Hanging It Up - Abranimations         Abranimations
happy clapper copy Dance     4.5 Sine Wave
Happy Dance|28|     28    
happy feet|12.4| Dance Fast 12.4   Sine Wave
Happy Happy!|29.58| Dance   29.58   Ministry Of Motion
Happy Jump|25.58| Dance   25.58   Ministry Of Motion
hard landing/mg Animation       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Hardstyle|25.1| Dance Fast 25.1   Sine Wave
haylstorm 1b - short|21.2| Dance   21.2   Raymation Designs
haylstorm 2b - short|28| Dance   28   Raymation Designs
haylstorm 3b - short|26.6| Dance   26.6   Raymation Designs
haylstorm 4b - short|15.5| Dance   15.5   Raymation Designs
haylstorm 5b - short|20.7| Dance   20.7   Raymation Designs
head bang 1|10| Animation   10   Extreme Animations
head bang 2         Extreme Animations
Head Slide|14.42| Dance   14.42   Ministry Of Motion
Head Spin 1|18.08| Dance   18.08   Ministry Of Motion
Head Spin Spam|23.67| Dance   23.67   Ministry Of Motion
Head Spin_copy|18.08| Dance Fast 18.08   Ministry Of Motion
head_ache_stand_1         Extreme Animations
HeadBang 1|10| Dance     6.7 Extreme Animations
HeadGround         m:ess Animations
HeadOff         m:ess Animations
Heartbreak Twist|24.7| Dance   24.7    
Heaven and Earth|26.2| Dance   26.2    
Heavy Headbanging Rock Windmill|20| Animation Fast 20   Ministry Of Motion
Heavy Jumpin'|16.3| Animation Fast 16.3   Ministry Of Motion
Heavy Rock Down on Knee|21.15| Animation Fast 21.15   Ministry Of Motion
Heavy Strum|23.6| Animation Fast 23.6   Ministry Of Motion
Heels and Toes         AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
heels on fire|15| Dance   15   Extreme Animations
here i am         3FX Entertainment
Here I am Stand         Abranimations
Here it Comes|28.9| Dance Medium 28.9   Animazoo
here we go|28.7| Dance   28.7    
hey there|24.1| Dance Medium 24.1   3FX Entertainment
HH freestyle 2 - Animazoo dance 42 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 4 - Animazoo dance 46 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 5 - Animazoo dance 47 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 5 - Animazoo dance 47 1 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 5 - Animazoo dance 47 2 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 6 - Animazoo dance 48 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 6 - Animazoo dance 48 1 Dance       Animazoo
HH freestyle 8 - Animazoo dance 50 Dance       Animazoo
HH47|23.63| Dance   23.63    
HH49|29.85| Dance   29.85    
High Energy In Motion - Abranimations         Abranimations
high note|30| Dance   30   Sine Wave
Higher Upsidedown Stand         Adeon Writer (Avatar)
Hip Hop Club  - Abranimations|17.5| Dance Fast 17.5   Abranimations
Hip Hop Freestylin'|17.83| Dance   17.83   Ministry Of Motion
hip hop1         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Hip Hopping         Animazoo
Hip Slide - Abranimations|20| Dance Medium 20   Abranimations
hip whisk|30| Dance Slow 30   Sine Wave
hipelate|30| Dance Medium 30   Sine Wave
HipHop Dance (Dance!)         Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
hipnotizing|23| Dance   23   3FX Entertainment
Hips dont Lie         Animazoo
hips|11.4| Dance   11.4   Sine Wave
Hipster Sway - Abranimations|22.5| Dance Slow 22.5   Abranimations
Hipster Wiggle - Abranimations         Abranimations
hit and jump|23| Dance Fast 23   3FX Entertainment
hit-from-in-front Animation       Ulrika Zugzwang (Avatar)
hitting_files_stand_1 Animation       Extreme Animations
hitting_flies_stand_2 Animation       Extreme Animations
hitting_insect_stand_1 Animation       Extreme Animations
hm_dance_f1_(mocap technology) Dance        
Hmmm|27.17| Dance Medium 27.17   Ministry Of Motion
hola|27.2| Dance   27.2 9.2 Sine Wave
hold_arms_1 Animation       Extreme Animations
hold_arms_2 Animation       Extreme Animations
HoldPlate Animation       purrts trumbo (Avatar)
holdtray Animation       Miko Omegamu (Avatar)
holly_1 Animation       Sine Wave
holly_2 Animation       Sine Wave
holly_3 Animation       Sine Wave
holly_4 Animation       Sine Wave
holly_5 Animation       Sine Wave
Hollywood Square Dance         ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Hollywood Square Dance Slow Remix         ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
honeysuckle|29.9| Dance   29.9   Sine Wave
hopscotch|29|     29   Sine Wave
Horizon Dance        
hot dog|23.8| Dance   23.8   Sine Wave
hot seat         Sine Wave
hot steppa         Sine Wave
hotshake|22.44| Dance   22.44    
House Charleston Freestyle|23.4| Dance   23.4   Ministry Of Motion
House Charleston|18.2| Dance   18.2   Ministry Of Motion
House Dance (Dance!)         Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
hp_drop Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_bow Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_idle1 Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_idle2 Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_idle3 Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_idle4 Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_idle5 Animation       Kabuki Creations
hp_walk_idle6 Animation       Kabuki Creations
Hug Animation       Keiki Lemieux (Avatar)
hug from Behind|23.33|     23.33   Ministry Of Motion
hugFemale Animation       Vista Animations & Co Shopping
hugMale Animation       Vista Animations & Co Shopping
Hula hoop         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Hula!|27.92| Dance   27.92   Ministry Of Motion
Hula|26| Dance   26   Ministry Of Motion
hula0 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula1 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula2 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula3 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula4 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula5 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula6 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula7 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula8 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hula9 Dance Medium     Owl and Pussycat
hydrogen|26.3| Dance Medium 26.3   Sine Wave
hyperteck         Sine Wave
hypnosis|27.3|14.53| Dance   14.53   Sine Wave

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