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Dance Details - G-GZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
Geek Dance Dance     2.3 ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Gentle 1 Animation       Ministry Of Motion
Gentle 2 Animation       Ministry Of Motion
Gentle 3 Animation       Ministry Of Motion
Gentle Reggai Animation       Ministry Of Motion
Get Buck|28.583| Dance Medium 28.583   Animazoo
Get Down On It|25.25| Dance   25.25   Ministry Of Motion
get on up|14.6| Dance Medium 14.6 6.5 Sine Wave
getdown Dance     5 Dancequeen Freebee Pack
getitdown         3FX Entertainment
Getostia_SL Animation       Abra Neox (Avatar)
Gettin' Deep Down|26.25| Dance   26.25   Ministry Of Motion
Gettin' Down|27.67| Dance   27.67   Ministry Of Motion
Gettin' Shaky|30| Dance   30   Ministry Of Motion
Gettin Up|29.67| Dance   29.67   Ministry Of Motion
Getting Hold Of It - Abranimations|21.6| Dance Medium 21.6 4.5 Abranimations
ghetto girl         3FX Entertainment
Ghost-1|28.58| Dance   28.58   Ministry Of Motion
Ghost-1|29|         Unknown yet
Ghost-2|23| Dance   23   Unknown yet
Ghost-2|25.67| Dance   25.67   Ministry Of Motion
gimme gimme gimme|23.8| Dance   23.8   Sine Wave
girls dream         3FX Entertainment
Give it Up - Abranimations         Abranimations
glamorpuss|29.7|   Medium     Sine Wave
Glamour Girl Stand Up|5| Animation Fast 5   Raymation Designs
glamourpuss|29.7| Dance   29.7   Sine Wave
glass eye|22.1| Dance   22.1   Sine Wave
glitterbug|20.9| Dance Medium 20.9   Sine Wave
glorious sea         Animate This
glory|20| Dance Medium 20   Sine Wave
glucose|23.1| Dance   23.1   Sine Wave
Gluttony TIS|29.6| Dance Medium 29.6   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
go|15| Dance   15   Extreme Animations
GOGO_C_000|26.7| Dance   26.7   Henmations
GOGO_C_001 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_C_002 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_C_003 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_C_004|27.8| Dance   27.8   Henmations
GOGO_F_001 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_002 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_003|26.63| Dance   26.63   Henmations
GOGO_F_004|26.39| Dance   26.39   Henmations
GOGO_F_005 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_007|28.7| Dance   28.7   Henmations
GOGO_F_008 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_009 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_010|28.5| Dance Slow 28.5   Henmations
GOGO_F_012 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_014|25.25| Dance   25.25   Henmations
GOGO_F_016|14.25| Dance   14.25   Henmations
GOGO_F_017|25.1| Dance Slow 25.1   Henmations
GOGO_F_018|26.9| Dance Slow 26.9   Henmations
GOGO_F_019|26.8| Dance Slow 26.8   Henmations
GOGO_F_020|25.71| Dance   25.71   Henmations
GOGO_F_021 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B000 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B001|29.9| Dance Medium 29.9   Henmations
GOGO_F_B002 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B003 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B004|26.65| Dance Medium 26.65   Henmations
GOGO_F_B004|30| Dance Medium 30   Henmations
GOGO_F_B005 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B006 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B007 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B008 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B009 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B011 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_F_B012|28.42| Dance   28.42   Henmations
GOGO_F_B013 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_FD_000 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_FD_001 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_FD_002 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_FD_003 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_FD_004 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_K_01|28.47| Dance   28.47   Henmations
GOGO_K_02|14.25| Dance   14.25   Henmations
GOGO_K_03|28.44| Dance   28.44   Henmations
GOGO_K_04|6.91| Dance   6.91   Henmations
GOGO_K_05|12.58 Dance   12.58   Henmations
GOGO_N_000 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_N_002|25.08| Dance   25.08   Henmations
GOGO_N_003 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_N_004|26.1| Dance   26.1   Henmations
GOGO_N_005|25| Dance   25   Henmations
GOGO_N_006 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_N_007 Dance       Henmations
GOGO_N_008 Dance       Henmations
gogodance Dance       Cori Sunshine (Avatar)
going nuts|18| Dance Fast 18   Sine Wave
Gold Digger Dance         ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Gold_Finger|30| Dance Medium 30   Ministry Of Motion
gooddance4         Sexy Jesse's Sexy Motions Animat
Goodstuff - Snow Angel         goodstuff. Unlimited (tm) Main S
Goofing Too|29.08| Dance   29.08   Animazoo
Goofing|28.5| Dance   28.5   Animazoo
Grace|29| Dance   29   Animazoo
graceful ocean         Animate This
grapple|30| Dance Medium 30   Sine Wave
Grease 3|22.83| Dance   22.83   Ministry Of Motion
Greed TIS|29.6| Dance Medium 29.6   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
Greesed Lighting         AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
grinding nutmeg|24.9| Dance   24.9   Sine Wave
groove time|15| Dance   15   Extreme Animations
Groovy Groove         AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
groovy|15| Dance   15   Extreme Animations
groundhide1         Reitsuki Kojima (Avatar)
Grovel - LOOPED         Abranimations
Guitar Dance         MYSTIC DAWN (Avatar)
guitar sat still M         Bits and Bobs animations
guitar still body only M         Bits and Bobs animations
GuitarStrum2         ORTHO VARGAS (Avatar)
GuitarStrum3         ORTHO VARGAS (Avatar)
gym cartwheel spin dance move Animation        
gymtastic|28.7| Dance Medium 28.7   Sine Wave
gyroscopic         Sine Wave
gZeroStand1|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity
gZeroStand2|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity
gZeroStand3|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity
gZeroStand4|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity
gZeroStand5|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity
gZeroStand6|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity
gZeroStand7|10| Animation Slow 10   Creative Insanity

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