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Dance Details - FA-FP

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
faint1_2         M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animati
faint2_3         M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animati
faint4_6         M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animati
fairy2 loop         JUKKA WILKINSON (Avatar)
fairy-dance         Ulrika Zugzwang (Avatar)
fairydance 4         JUKKA WILKINSON (Avatar)
FallBack|8| Animation   8   m:ess Animations
fallen_1 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_2 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_3 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_4 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_5 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_6 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_7 Animation       Sine Wave
fallen_8 Animation       Sine Wave
falling s|10| Animation   10   TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
fancy footworks Dance     8.2 Sine Wave
fancy free|22.1| Dance Fast 22.1   Sine Wave
Fancy Free|29| Dance   29   Sine Wave
fandango|19.5| Dance   19.5   Sine Wave
Fanfare|23| Dance   23   Animazoo
farruca|19.5| Dance Medium 19.5   Sine Wave
fashionista_Standing1 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_Standing2 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_Standing3 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_Standing4 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_standing5 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_standing6 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_standing7 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_Standing8 Animation       Sine Wave
fashionista_Standing9 Animation       Sine Wave
Fast Hip Grind Dance     3 MYSTIC DAWN (Avatar)
feck_you_stand|7.85| Animation Slow 7.85   Extreme Animations
feel it         Extreme Animations
feel so good         3FX Entertainment
Feel The Love         Abranimations
feel to tune_2|14.4| Dance   14.4   Extreme Animations
feel to tune|15.1| Dance   15.1   Extreme Animations
Feelin Good|29.92| Dance   29.92   Ministry Of Motion
feeling high|15.25| Dance Medium 15.25   Extreme Animations
Feeling it|21| Dance Medium 21 4.2 Animazoo
feline|25.9| Dance   25.9 8.2 Sine Wave
Female knelt(stance for crawl) Animation       Bits and Bobs animations
Female Shower|29.9| Dance Slow 29.9   Bits and Bobs animations
Female Shy Stand Animation       Abranimations
fida2 Dance     3.2 M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animati
Fidget - Looped Animation       Abranimations
Finesh_01 Dance Medium     Studio4D Dance Animations
Finesh_02 Dance       Studio4D Dance Animations
Finesh_03 Dance Medium     Studio4D Dance Animations
Finish_01|10| Dance   10   Studio4D Dance Animations
Finish_02|10| Dance   10   Studio4D Dance Animations
Finish_03 Dance       Studio4D Dance Animations
Finish_04|10| Dance   10   Studio4D Dance Animations
firefly|21.7| Dance Medium 21.7 8.8 Sine Wave
firestarter|26| Dance Fast 26 5.6 Sine Wave
First Number|27.92| Dance Medium 27.92   Animazoo
fisty cuffs|29.3| Dance   29.3   Sine Wave
fizz|29| Dance   29   Sine Wave
fizzy pop|11.9| Dance Medium 11.9   Sine Wave
flamenco - dance Dance Medium     Djezebel Animations
flaming sambuca         Sine Wave
flapper|22.4| Dance Medium 22.4   Sine Wave
Flare|25.083| Dance Medium 25.083   Animazoo
Flaunt|28.83| Dance Medium 28.83   Animazoo
Flip Animation       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
flip like this|22.9| Dance Medium 22.9   3FX Entertainment
Fliptastic|18.08| Dance   18.08   Ministry Of Motion
Flirt LOOPED|30| Dance Slow 30   Abranimations
FLOAT         Vista Animations & Co Shopping
float12fps4         Bits and Bobs animations
Floor Way|24.5| Dance   24.5    
Flop Dance Dance     3.7 ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
FLUFFY FLIPPY DANCE OF JOY|7.5| Dance Fast 7.5   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
fluidity         Sine Wave
flutterbye         Sine Wave
fly beyond|20.25|     20.25   3FX Entertainment
Flying spin         Creamy Cooljoke (Avatar)
flyingback-onthespot         Abranimations
foamy|29| Dance   29 8.6 Sine Wave
folk_dance         Extreme Animations
follow me         Extreme Animations
foot loose|29| Dance Fast 29   Sine Wave
Foot Shuffle Dance Dance     1.6 ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
forgive me|21.2| Dance Medium 21.2   3FX Entertainment
formidabilis|29| Dance Fast 29 7 Sine Wave
forward-bridge Dance     2.3 Dancequeen Freebee Pack
FPole_01;26.9|26.9| Dance   26.9   Sine Wave
FPole_02;28.2|28.2| Dance   28.2   Sine Wave
FPole_03;28.0|28| Dance   28   Sine Wave
FPole_04;28.9|28.9| Dance   28.9   Sine Wave
FPole_05;29.0|29| Dance   29   Sine Wave
FPole_06;29.0|29| Dance   29   Sine Wave
FPole_07;30.0|30 Dance   30   Sine Wave
FPole_13;28.8|28.8| Dance   28.8   Sine Wave

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