Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - E-EZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
East of the Sun         AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
easy dance 1 Dance       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
easy dance 2 Dance       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Easy Does it (transfer)|24.83| Dance Slow 24.83 8.6 Ministry Of Motion
easy kneesy|11.5| Dance   11.5   Sine Wave
Easy mellow - Abranimations|23.7| Dance Slow 23.7   Abranimations
Easy Peasy|26.33| Dance   26.33   Ministry Of Motion
easy sweet stand         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
easykick|15.88| Dance   15.88    
Ebb and Flow Dance       Animazoo
Ecstacy Dance Dance     3.2 ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Egyptian Dance - Abranimations|13.12| Dance   13.12   Abranimations
eight ball Dance Fast     Sine Wave
el classic|18.1| Dance Medium 18.1 7.3 Sine Wave
Electro Back Up Dance     7 Abranimations
Electro Freestyle Plunge - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
Electro Freestyle Sway - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
Electro Joy - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
Electro Start - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
Electro Tilt - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
ello ello Dance       Sine Wave
Elvis - One for the Money|22.33| Dance   26.33   Ministry Of Motion
Elvis-Hound Dog|28.75| Dance   28.75   Ministry Of Motion
Elvis-Jail House Rock|26.83| Dance   26.83   Ministry Of Motion
emanule Dance       Sine Wave
Entice - medium avis Dance       Animazoo
Entice - taller avis Dance       Animazoo
erotic dance12b|14| Dance Slow 14 4.8 Sexy Jesse's Sexy Motions Animat
Essence of Britney|29.33| Dance   29.33   Animazoo
Ether|24.1| Dance   24.1    
everybody loves me|29.9| Dance   29.9   Sine Wave
Evil Free Dance Anim         Mistress Midnight
Exalt         Animazoo
excercising Dance     2.3 ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Exotic Groove Dance (Dance!)         Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
Exotic_1         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_10         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_11         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_12         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_13         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_15         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_16         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_17         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_18         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_19         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_2         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_3         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_4         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_5SLOW         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_6VSLOW         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_7         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_8         MoOnlight Animations
Exotic_9SLOW         MoOnlight Animations
ez twist Dance     3.4 Lars Bismark (Avatar)

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