Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - DP-DZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
Dramatico|29.08| Dance   29.08   Animazoo
dream away|23.5|     23.5   3FX Entertainment
dream on|27.4| Dance Medium 27.4   Sine Wave
dream-dance Dance     7 Noir Cazalet (Avatar)
DRFemaleStand1 Animation       Dylan Rickenbacker
DRFemaleStand2 Animation       Dylan Rickenbacker
DRFemaleStand3 Animation       Dylan Rickenbacker
DRstand(m)1 Animation       Dylan Rickenbacker
DRstand(m)2 Animation       Dylan Rickenbacker
DRstand(m)3 Animation       Dylan Rickenbacker
Drum Base Kick - Abranimations         Abranimations
Drum Base Lets Go - Abranimations         Abranimations
Drum Base Romp - Abranimations         Abranimations
Drunken Master|27.17| Dance   27.17   Ministry Of Motion
drunkfall|9.2| Animation   9.2   Hikaru Yamamoto (Avatar)
Dutty Wine - Animazoo dance 40|19.8| Dance Fast 19.8 5.6 Animazoo
Dutty Wine|24.75| Dance   24.75   Ministry Of Motion
Dynamite|28.63| Dance   28.63   AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
dz274-Stand.U (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz296-Sit.G (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz302-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz304-Stand.N (Adult)|29.65| Animation   29.65   Kuso
dz306-Jump.N Animation       Kuso
dz316-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz317-Stand.U (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz320-Stand.N (Adult)|29.68| Animation   29.68   Kuso
dz322-Hover.N|15| Animation Slow 15   Kuso
dz330-Stand.N (Adult)|29.76| Animation   29.76   Kuso
dz331-Fly.N|9| Animation   9   Kuso
dz378-Sit.G (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz395-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz396-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz397-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz398-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz399-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz572-Stand.U (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz583-Fly.N|9| Animation   9   Kuso
dz677-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz678-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz680-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz681-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz720-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz721-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz722-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz723-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz724-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz725-Stand.N (Adult)|30| Animation   30   Kuso
dz726-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz727-Stand.N (Adult)|30 Animation   30   Kuso
dz728-Stand.N (Adult)|30| Animation   30   Kuso
dz729-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz730-Stand.N (Adult)|30| Animation   30   Kuso
dz731-Stand.N (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz732-Stand.N (Adult)|30| Animation   30   Kuso
dz733-Stand.N (Adult)|30| Animation   30   Kuso
dz734-Stand.N (Adult)|30| Animation   30   Kuso
dz735-Sit.G (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz736-Sit.G (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz737-Sit.G (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz739-Sit.G (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz753-Jump.N Animation       Kuso
dz754-Jump.N|29.04| Animation   29.04   Kuso
dz761-Stand.U (Adult) Animation       Kuso
dz763-Fly.N|9| Animation   9   Kuso
dz782-Jump.N Animation       Kuso
dz802-Fly.N|9| Animation   9   Kuso
dz803-Hover.N|15| Animation Slow 15   Kuso
dz804-Hover.N|15| Animation Slow 15   Kuso
dz805-Hover.N|10| Animation Slow 10   Kuso

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