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Dance Details - DA-DO

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
Da Kung Fu Funk (transfer)|29.58| Dance Medium 29.58   Ministry Of Motion
Da Kung Fu Funk|29.58| Dance   29.58   Ministry Of Motion
Dad's Wedding Dance|29.5| Dance   29.5   Ministry Of Motion
dagger_charge_stance|2| Animation   2   Abranimations
Daisy Duke|24.08| Dance   24.08   Ministry Of Motion
dambuster|29| Dance   29   Sine Wave
dance 10 -  Freebie from Animazoo!|29.8| Dance Medium 29.8   Animazoo
dance 10se         Animazoo
dance 12 Dance     4.1 Animazoo
dance 14 Dance     5.5 Animazoo
dance 15|9| Dance Fast 9 6.4 Animazoo
dance 16|7.5| Dance Fast 7.5 5 Animazoo
dance 17.0 Dance     4.6 Animazoo
dance 18.0|6.05| Dance   6.05   Animazoo
dance 19.0|7.3| Dance Fast 7.3   Animazoo
dance 2 Dance     4.1 Animazoo
dance 2 Fast Dance     5.8 Animazoo
dance 21.1|20| Dance   20   Animazoo
dance 23.0 - Freebie from Animazoo! Dance       Animazoo
Dance 3|15| Dance   15 3.9 MYSTIC DAWN (Avatar)
dance 4 Dance     4.3 Animazoo
dance 5 Dance     3.7 Animazoo
dance all night         Extreme Animations
dance club 1         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
dance club2         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Dance like you've never danced before         Sine Wave
dance night         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
dance with tunes_2|15.1| Dance   15.1   Extreme Animations
dance with tunes|15.1| Dance   15.1   Extreme Animations
dance_cauldron Dance Medium     Djezebel Animations
DANCE_LUKE_5c_AKEYO|29.4| Dance Medium 29.4   AKEYO
DANCE_LUKE_6c_AKEYO|23.2| Dance Medium 23.2   AKEYO
DANCE_MOTION_LATIN_12 Dance       Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Dance01_SL_loop_v01 Dance       Abra Neox (Avatar)
dance02SLTest Dance       Abra Neox (Avatar)
dance1 Dance       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
dance2 Dance       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Dance38 Dance       SEAGEL NEVILLE (Avatar)
Dance46 Dance       SEAGEL NEVILLE (Avatar)
Dancefloor Enticement - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
Dancefloor Seduction - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
dancer Dance       Ulrika Zugzwang (Avatar)
dancer-2 Dance       Ulrika Zugzwang (Avatar)
Dancing Queen|26.5| Dance   26.5   Ministry Of Motion
dancing with the fishies         Animate This
Danger Alert Stand 2 (full) Animation       Abranimations
Danger Alert Stand 2 (looking only) Animation       Abranimations
Dangerous-2|28.67| Dance   28.67   Ministry Of Motion
Dangerous-3|29.92| Dance   29.92   Ministry Of Motion
Dani - Flaunt It! - no copy Dance       Raymation Designs
Dani - Jive - No Copy Dance       Raymation Designs
Dani - Slow Grind - no copy|22.13| Dance   22.13   Raymation Designs
danish|29| Dance Slow 29 10 Sine Wave
Danse orientale (Base) Dance Medium     Djezebel Animations
danse sorcier|28| Dance   28    
danse4spirale Dance Medium     Djezebel Animations
Dark Matter|25.83| Dance   25.83   Ministry Of Motion
DAVE1_Dance-c_AKEYO Dance       AKEYO
DAVE2_Dance-c_AKEYO|29.5| Dance   29.5   AKEYO
DAVE3_Dance-c_AKEYO|29.5| Dance   29.5   AKEYO
DAVE4_Dance-c_AKEYO|29.5| Dance   29.5   AKEYO
ddv belly ground Dance Medium     Djezebel Animations
Dead But Still Standing|25.33| Dance   25.33   Ministry Of Motion
death-correct Animation Medium     Dancequeen Freebee Pack
declaration of love Pose       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
delicious hips|30| Dance Medium 30   Sine Wave
Die Animation       Abranimations
dip me in chocolate|29.8| Dance Slow 29.8   Sine Wave
dirty  dancing5 Dance       Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
Dirty Dance Hall|20.42| Dance   20.42   Ministry Of Motion
dirty dancing3 Dance       Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
dirtydancing1 Dance       Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
dirtydancing2 Dance       Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
dirtydancing4 Dance       Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
Disagreeing Animation       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Disclosure|29.42| Dance   29.42   Animazoo
Disco Diva Dance       Animazoo
Disco Duck dance 2|17.1| Dance   17.1   TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
disco fever|20.3| Dance   20.3 8 Sine Wave
Disco Funk Baby!|24.58| Dance   24.58   Ministry Of Motion
Disco Travolta (transfer)|21.83| Dance   21.83   Ministry Of Motion
dizzy orchid Dance       Sine Wave
DJ         :: Dyer Maker Full Perm Animatio, Minacci (133, 142, 1252)
DJ 1|29.56| Animation   29.56   Bits and Bobs animations
DJ 2|29.8| Animation   29.8   Bits and Bobs animations
DJ 3|26.4| Animation   26.4   Bits and Bobs animations
DJ 4|29.66| Animation   29.66   Bits and Bobs animations
DJ Animation 1 ~ By Dorvalla Cao         Dorvalla Cao (Avatar)
DJ Dance         ANUKIS Nagy (Avatar)
DM_28_Expressive_Kneel         MoOnlight Animations
Do I have to dance?|24.07| Dance   24.07   Ministry Of Motion
do it again         3FX Entertainment
do it man Dance Fast     3FX Entertainment
Do it|25| Dance Fast 25   Studio4D Dance Animations
Do The Monkey!         Remo Yossarian (Avatar)
Do The Monkey! (looped)         Remo Yossarian (Avatar)
do this do that|14.65| Dance Medium 14.65   Sine Wave
dog garn crazy         Sine Wave
Don't Care About Us|28.08| Dance   28.08   Ministry Of Motion
don't stare at the sun|25.9| Dance   25.9   Sine Wave
don't stop|15.1| Dance   15.1   Extreme Animations
Doom         Abranimations
Double Bounce Walk Loop         Ulrika Zugzwang (Avatar)
double cream|23.5| Dance   23.5   Sine Wave
double dip|28| Dance Medium 28   Sine Wave
double take         Sine Wave
down and around Dance Medium     Sine Wave

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