Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - CM-CZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
cola bottle|20.4| Dance Medium 20.4   Sine Wave
Cold River|28.71| Dance   28,71   AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
combover|27.9| Dance Medium 27.9   Sine Wave
come on|14.2| Dance   14.2   Extreme Animations
Come On|29.33| Dance   29.33   Animazoo
completely lost it|20| Dance   20   Sine Wave
condore|24.6| Dance   24.6   Sine Wave
condutor||17| Dance   17   Sine Wave
Conjugate|28.5| Dance   28.5   Animazoo
Contemporary Club 1 - Abranimations|24.85| Dance   24.85   Abranimations
Contemporary Club 2 - Abranimations|18.55| Dance   18.55   Abranimations
Contemporary Club 3 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Contemporary Club 4 - Abranimations|18.5| Dance   18.5   Abranimations
Contemporary Club 5 - Abranimations|21.31| Dance   21.31   Abranimations
Contemporary Club 6 - Abranimations|11.11| Dance   11.11   Abranimations
Contemporary Club 7 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Contemporary Rave 1 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Contemporary Rave 2 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Contemporary Rave 3 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Cool for School (latin)|24.83| Dance   24.83   Ministry Of Motion
Cool Groove         MYSTIC DAWN (Avatar)
Cool 'n Sexy|28.08| Dance   28.08   Ministry Of Motion
Cool_Step_Female (mocap technology} Dance        
Coquet Espaniola         Animazoo
Cosmic Girl|28.92|     28.92   Animazoo
Cosmic Nova|23.9| Dance   23.9    
Cotten Eyes Joe         AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
Cotton Eye Joe|28.25| Dance Medium 28.25   Ministry Of Motion
coughing_stand_1 Animation       Extreme Animations
Country|25.07| Dance Medium 25.07   Ministry Of Motion
Couples dance female standing         Sine Wave
courtbow         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
cover girl|27.7| Dance   27.7   Sine Wave
crab 1.0 - Freebie from Animazoo!         Animazoo
crane falls         Sine Wave
Cranial Damage         Animazoo
crank dat         3FX Entertainment
Crank That Dance       Animazoo
Crank That - Animazoo dance 39         Animazoo
craziac|25.5| Dance   25.5   Sine Wave
crazy dance|16.43|     16.43   TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Crazy Legs Insanity|29.5| Dance   29.5   Ministry Of Motion
crazy legs|21.7| Dance Medium 21.7   Sine Wave
Crazy Monkey 4         Abranimations
Crazy Pop|28.92|     28.92   Animazoo
crimson breeze|28.5| Dance Slow 28.5   Sine Wave
Crisscross|28.08| Dance   28.08   Animazoo
Crossed Swords 1 (transfer)|23.5| Dance   23.5   Ministry Of Motion
Crossed Swords 1|23.5| Dance   23.5   Ministry Of Motion
crouch/brl         TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Crouchwalk-Zenten2         MAMESANDO Rings
crounch02DANGER Dance Medium     Vista Animations & Co Shopping
Crump 1|22| Dance   22   Ministry Of Motion
Crump 2|17| Dance   17   Ministry Of Motion
Crump Pump|22.17| Dance   22.17   Ministry Of Motion
crunchy|24.6| Dance Fast 24.6   Sine Wave
crystal roses|25| Dance   25   Sine Wave
CS Cowboy TIS|25.6| Dance Medium 25.6   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
Cuba Libra TIS|28.8| Dance Medium 28.8   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
cuba|20| Dance Fast 20   Sine Wave
Cupid Shuffle|26.83| Dance Fast 26.83   Ministry Of Motion
Curley Whirly|15| Dance   15   Ministry Of Motion
Curly Whirly (transfer)|15| Dance   15   Ministry Of Motion
c-walk         Dancequeen Freebee Pack
CW-KP         MAMESANDO Rings

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