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Dance Details - C-CL

Dance Details (111019)

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Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
Cabbage Patch Fenzy|26.33| Dance   26.33   Ministry Of Motion
Cadence|28.83| Dance   28.83   Animazoo
cadiz|21| Dance Medium 21   Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_10 Animation       Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_11 Animation       Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_12 Animation       Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_14 Animation       Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_3|14| Animation   14   Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_6 Animation       Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_8 Animation       Sine Wave
caesar_Standing_9 Animation       Sine Wave
Cali Gurls|27.9| Dance   27,9   AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
Call on me|25.1| Dance   25.1   Ministry Of Motion
Cameron Diaz/Jimmy Fallon|25.75| Dance   25.75   Ministry Of Motion
Camp it Up||24.08| Dance   24.08   Ministry Of Motion
candy whistle|18.4| Dance   18.4   Sine Wave
can't stop it Dance       Sine Wave
capofiladance Dance       Chip Midnight (Avatar)
caramel|26.5| Dance   26.5 8 Dancequeen Freebee Pack
Carlton Dance       AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
Carlton Fresh Prince|29.83| Dance   29.83   Ministry Of Motion
carnival|25| Dance Medium 25 8.6 Sine Wave
Carry on Camping|21.58| Dance   21.58   Ministry Of Motion
Carte Blanche|29.08| Dance   29.08   Animazoo
cartwheel  - Freebie from Animazoo!|7| Dance   7   Animazoo
Cartwheel Back Tuck|2.33|     2.33   Ministry Of Motion
Catapillar Limbo|25.58| Dance   25.58   Ministry Of Motion
Catepillar Limbo (transfer)|25.58| Dance   25.58 5.8 Ministry Of Motion
catline copy|20| Dance Medium 20   Sine Wave
Catwalk Female II 10m 07-03-08         Bits and Bobs animations
CCRunwayPose04 Animation Medium     Maitreya Main Store
CCRunwayPose12|5| Animation Fast 5   Maitreya Main Store
Celebrate! (transfer)|30| Dance   30 8.6 Ministry Of Motion
Celebrate! by Ministry of Motion Dance       Ministry Of Motion
Celebrate!|30| Dance   30   Ministry Of Motion
Celebrate-2|26.83| Dance   26.83   Ministry Of Motion
center of the universe|27.3| Dance   27.3   Sine Wave
centrifugal Dance       Sine Wave
Cha Cha Dance       AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
cha cha cha Dance       Sine Wave
champing at the bit|23.4| Dance Fast 23.4   Sine Wave
Charleston Dance       AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
Charleston Flapper|26.4| Dance   26.4   Ministry Of Motion
Charleston|24.08| Dance   24.08   Ministry Of Motion
charleston3 fast|6.7| Dance Medium 6.7   Risque Animations
charleston4_01 Dance       M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animati
Cheese|29| Dance   29   Animazoo
Cheesecake pose from Cherri's dances|5| Pose Medium 5   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
cheesecake|24| Dance   24   Animazoo
cherry pips|20.3| Dance Medium 20.3 8.4 Sine Wave
chewing gum|29.5| Dance   29.5 8.5 Sine Wave
Chi Gun Cloud Hands         Abranimations
Chi Gung Grasp The Birds Tail         Abranimations
Chi Gung Meditation Stance         Abranimations
Chi Gung Push Up To The Sky         Abranimations
chicago|19| Dance   19   Sine Wave
chick habit|28| Dance Medium 28   Sine Wave
CHICKDANCE - ANIMOCCA|23.67| Dance   23.67   ANIMOCCA 3D
Chicken Dance|7.9| Dance   7.9   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
Chico Backspin|29.58| Dance   29.58   Ministry Of Motion
Chico Everything|25.75| Dance   25.75   Ministry Of Motion
Chico Spin Flip|28.08| Dance   28.08   Ministry Of Motion
Chico's 90's|21.92| Dance   21.92   Ministry Of Motion
Chill Out Here - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
Chilli Peppers|29.17| Dance   29.17   Ministry Of Motion
Chocolate Ripple|23.86| Dance Medium 23.86   Ministry Of Motion
chrome bumper|26.4| Dance Fast 26.4   Sine Wave
circulate         Sine Wave
Clap Jiggle - Abranimations|19| Dance Medium 19   Abranimations
closer Dance       Sine Wave
Club Dance 2 - ANOmations Dance       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Club Dance 2 (looped) 1 Dance       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Club Dance 3 Dance       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Club Dance 4 Dance       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Club Dancefloor 1 - Abranimations|18| Dance   18   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 10 - Abranimations|29.04| Dance   29.04   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 11 - Abranimations|27.27| Dance   27.27   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 12 - Abranimations|25.45| Dance   25.45   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 13 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 14 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 2 - Abranimations|18.2| Dance   18.2   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 3 - Abranimations|24.43| Dance   24.43   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 4 - Abranimations|13.8| Dance   13.8   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 5 - Abranimations|30| Dance   30   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 6 - Abranimations|28.07| Dance   28.07   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 7 - Abranimations|29.42| Dance   29.42   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 8 - Abranimations|24.18| Dance   24.18   Abranimations
Club Dancefloor 9 - Abranimations|28.21| Dance   28.21   Abranimations
Club Groove 2 - Abranimations         Abranimations
Club Groove Dance  (Dance!)|29.8| Dance Medium 29.8   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
Club Mech|29.58| Dance   29.58   Animazoo
Club Sexy_2|30| Dance   30   Ministry Of Motion
Club Sexy|29.92| Dance   29.92   Ministry Of Motion
Club So Cool|24.92| Dance   24.92   Ministry Of Motion
Club Spain|25.36| Dance   25.36 8.3 Animazoo
Club Stud Dance         Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
Club Stud Dance (Dance!)         Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
club1         Extreme Animations
club13_15_01         M&P Shop: Sweet and sexy animati
club2         Extreme Animations
club3         Extreme Animations
club4         Extreme Animations
club5         Extreme Animations

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