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Dance Details - A-AK

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
a glimpse of stocking|29.5| Dance Medium 29.5   Sine Wave
A>>>BYEBYE01 Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>Floor-Wiping Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>HANGING01 Animation   29.66   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>HANGING02|14.88| Animation   14.88   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>MEDITATION01|29.77| Animation   29.77   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>MEDITATION02|29.86| Animation   29.86   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>MEDITATION03 Animation   29.93   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>MoonWalk Dance       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>PUSH-UP01 Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>ROPE02|26.73| Animation   26.73   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>ROPE03 Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>SIDE-STEPPING|3.59| Dance   3.59   A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>TOILET-F01 Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>TOILET-M01 Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
A>>>toUPfloor Animation       A>>>Animations Takaraduka
aaGuitar1 Animation       ORTHO VARGAS (Avatar)
Abandon|28.58| Dance Medium 28.58   Animazoo
Abranimations -  Breakdance Moves  3|25| Dance Fast 25 6.7 Abranimations
Abranimations -  Club Groove 1 Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Breakdance Moves 1|17.5| Dance Fast 17.5   Abranimations
Abranimations - Breakdance Moves 4|20.1| Dance   20.1   Abranimations
Abranimations - Clubbers 6 Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Clubbers 8 Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Collapse Animation       Abranimations
Abranimations - Hip Hop|21| Dance Fast 21   Abranimations
Abranimations - Pulp Groove|16.5| Dance Medium 16.5   Abranimations
Abranimations - Roll On Floor Animation       Abranimations
Abranimations - Salsa 1 Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Salsa 3 Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Sexy Twirl Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Slow Groove Dance       Abranimations
Abranimations - Soft Wiggle|19| Dance   19   Abranimations
Abranimations - YMCA Dance     4 Abranimations
AbS Begin Animation       LIZZIE BOURGOIN (Avatar)
Absynth_018|26.7| Dance Slow 26.7   Henmations
Absynth_B003 Dance       Henmations
ache_stand_5 Animation       Extreme Animations
Activate Dance Medium     Animazoo
adonis copy|28| Dance Medium 28 5.8 Sine Wave
adoration|27.4| Dance   27.4   Sine Wave
Aflame|28.46| Dance Medium 28.46   Animazoo
Aftershock TIS Dance Medium     THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
Air Dance Dance Medium     Vistta Vita
Air Dance - Abranimations Dance Medium     Abranimations
Air Guitar 2|23| Animation   23   Ministry Of Motion
Air Guitar|23.67| Animation   23.67   Ministry Of Motion
air walk|19| Dance Medium 19 4.3 Sine Wave
airdance3 loop Dance Medium     JUKKA WILKINSON (Avatar)
AkaeshaCrouch Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceBreak01|17.4| Dance Fast 17.4   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceBreak02 Dance Fast 11.96   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceBreak06|4.38| Dance Fast 4.38   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceBreak07 Dance Fast 22.41   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceBreak08|9.81| Dance Fast 9.81   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceBreak10|20| Dance Fast 20   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub02 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub03 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub06 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub101 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub103 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub104 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub105 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub106 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub107 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceClub108 Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceHipHop01 Dance Fast     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceHipHop03 Dance Fast     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceHipHop101 Dance Fast     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceHipHop104 Dance Fast     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc01 - Robot Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc02 - Dizzy Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc03 - Drunk Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc05 - Spar Fight Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc06 - Horizon Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc08 - Macerana Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc10 - Mosh Pit|21| Dance Fast 21   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc101 - Pulp Fiction|15.7| Dance Medium 15.7   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc11 - Mosh Pit|22.8| Dance Medium 22.8   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc12 - Pete Townshend|24.1| Dance Medium 24.1   Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc13 - Disco Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaDanceMisc14 - Jazz Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFHover Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFJump Dance Medium     Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand01 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand02 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand03 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand04 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand05 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand06 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaFStand07 Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AkaeshaSwim Animation       Akaesha  Main Store
AKEYO_dance_BEN_break01|25| Dance Medium 25   AKEYO
AKEYO_dance_BEN_break02|25| Dance Medium 25   AKEYO
AKEYO_dance_BEN_break03|26| Dance Medium 26   AKEYO
AKEYO_dance_BEN_break04|25| Dance Medium 25   AKEYO
AKEYO_dance-NINA_02|25| Dance Medium 25 8.6 AKEYO
AKEYO_dance-NINA_03|27| Dance Medium 27 8.5 AKEYO
AKEYO_dance-NINA_04 Dance Medium     AKEYO
AKEYO_dance-NINA_05 Dance Medium     AKEYO
AKEYO_groove1-NI_02|27| Dance Medium 27 8.4 AKEYO
AKEYO_groove2-BE_02|26| Dance Medium 26   AKEYO
AKEYO_groove3-BE_01|27| Dance Medium 27   AKEYO
AKEYO_groove4-NI_01|27| Dance Medium 27   AKEYO
AKEYO_T04_S2_02|17| Animation   17   AKEYO

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