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Dance Ball Dances

Dance Ball Dances 111026

If you are creating a Dance Ball for a club or home use, you want both good dances that your guests will enjoy and dances that don't break your budget. This note is to help you accomplish both.



You need a couples dance ball. There are several for sale, but I recommend that you get a good one, which means a TIS Hybrid or INTAN. Here is a comparison of the two.



Couples dances are expensive. If you can afford only a few, you want dances that are popular and cover a variety of styles. Here is my recommended list of couples dances:

Slow 3 - Almost everyone loves this old time favorite
Slow 4 -  Another old one that helps couples get more intimate
Hot Salsa -  An old faster dance good for a variety of music
Orange - A nice Tango dance that is also good with other music
Waltz TIS -  I am not a Waltz fan, but this is okay for those who are
Dont Cha TIS - This is a sensual dance that is quite popular
One of the Henmation couples dances - They are all lined up at Henmations, so choose one relatively fast one that you like
Memories - This is a medium or slow speed dance that is quite sensual but not too intimate



If you have the TIS Hybrid, the female and male dances are a part of the system. If you have the INTAN, you can purchase the add-on female and male dance balls. This is the preferred way to go. The advantage of the INTAN individual dance balls is that they have a large capacity (I have 560 dances in one of mine) and the INTAN Dance Anyplace allows you to create a small dance ball all over your property with the couples dances and male and female dances.

If you don't get the TIS Hybrid or INTAN system, there are a lot of choices for dance balls. I recommend that you save your Lindens until you can afford the TIS Hybrid or INTAN and make your own free Dance Ball. Use the freebie Dance Ball script called 'Menu 50+' found in the Free Stuff Box or use the DANCE QUEENS Dance Ball (also found in the Free Stuff Box), which is an example of a Dance Ball.

There are instructions in the script. You can have a maximum of 22 animations in the dance ball. Each animation cannot be more than 24 characters in length including spaces. If you want more than one Dance Ball, you can use the script but you need to replace the number '1101' in the script with another number like '1102' etcetera. There are three places in the script to do this. The number is the channel used for communicating between the Dance Ball and the dancers. Each Dance Ball needs its own channel to communicate.



If you have a dance HUD, you probably already have good dances that are copyable. This is the easiest way to fill your dance balls. That's how I got 560 dances in mine. All I did is put every good copyable dance in my individual dance balls. You also can get free dances
I also update every couple of months a pack of Freebie Dances found in the Free Stuff Box.

If you still are looking for dances, here are ten I recommend for females. You want dances for a number of speeds and music. Slow dances look good with all speeds and fast dances only look good with fast songs, so go heavy on the slow and medium dances.

danish -  An older dance that is slow and very sensual. You can't go wrong with this dance.
f_dance_25  - This is another slow dance that lends itself to a variety of music.
S4D_Salsa_54 - This is a slow to medium speed dance that is smooth and adaptable.
My-SENSUAL-64 - Slow and sultry.
VISTA-UrbanSexyDance01-25.7- A very nice medium speed dance.
SE-Dgirl_47M -  Just a cool, medium speed dance that doesn't take a lot of room.
Buttweiser TIS - A fun, medium speed dance.
S4D_disco_63 -  A medium speed dance with some movement
*Hellcat - An active, fast speed dance.

shake that ass -  A fast and sexy dance.

For the male dance ball I would change the strategy a bit. First, most guys don't like to dance individually or in groups. They like couples dancing. Since the male Dance Ball is for individual dancing, you want dances that make them look manly or not too obvious. No girlie dances here. One thing a lot of guys like is to look macho, so an animated pose is useful. Medium speed dances are what most guys like. Here is my list:

caesar_Standing_3 -  This is the ultimate macho animated pose.
m_dance_51 -  A low movement medium speed dance.
AKEYO_dance_BEN_break01 -  This is an easy break dance with no on-the-floor movement. It's cool.
m_dance_53 -  Another Henmations macho dance with not much movement.
S4D_STREET_007NC -  This is a medium speed male (or female) dance that has some movement and looks good.
JAY_Dance1_AKEYO - There are four dances in this series. Choose the one you like.
PARTYDANCE 1 - ANIMOCCA  - This is for medium speed dances but has a bit more movement.
m_dance_77 -  This is a medium speed dance with some movement.
ao_drunk_stand_9 - Some guys like this and some don't.
skyBORN_fly2 In the Freebie Dance Pack in the Free Stuff Box - Hey, all guys seem to like this when they are drinking.


Please send additions and corrections to me.


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