Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dance Sequence 113 - COUNTRY LINE DANCE


I love country : ) There are not alot of dances out there that are strictly country so I have always kind of forced other genres to work with my country music. Lately, some dance makers have come out with some dances that actually look country. So, I've created a country line dance. You can see the video on the Dance Queen blog and Youtube.

Saturday Night TIS - There in Spirit
5-6-7-8 TIS - There in Spirit
CS Cowboy TIS - There in Spirit
Virtual Slide TIS - There in Spirit
Cotton Eye Joe - Ministry of Motion
S4D_Sanba_55A - Studio 4D
Optional - Sultry Down Body - In the Sexy Hud from Abranimations

Saturday Night TIS|28.5|5-6-7-8 TIS|27.5|CS Cowboy TIS|13.8|Virtual Slide TIS|26|Saturday Night TIS|28.5|5-6-7-8 TIS|27.5|CS Cowboy TIS|14.5|Cotton Eye Joe|27.25|S4D_Sanba_55A|28.5|5-6-7-8 TIS|27.5|Cotton Eye Joe|27.25|CS Cowboy TIS|14.5|Sultry Down Body

Cut and paste the dance sequence into your notecard in your HUD. The dance will appear as Saturday Night TIS but will be sequenced.

You can also use the [NAME] command before it and call it what you want and drop the Sultry Down Body. This sequence has too many characters to keep both Sultry at the end and the Name tag at the beginning.

Cheryl Nitely
for Nottoo Wise's DANCE QUEENS

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